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    Is this true?

    1. I heard that if you claim insurance on a broken or lost phone, they give you a refurbished phone.

    2. I heard that if you claim insurance on a cosmetically broken phone (non-software related) they will give you a refurbished phone (i.e. broken screen, broken buttons, scratches, etc).

    True or false? Please state your sources or actual experiences rather than what you have 'heard' on the street.
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    I've had my 650 replaced twice. Both times it was refurbished but the tech nearly gave me a new one once but found a refurbished one. I think it's up to the tech to decide depending on what's available. He said the screen was a newer gen on the refurb than on the new one. It was indeed brighter than my old phone.

    I haven't had a broken screen or less but the second time the problem was a jammed headset port, which kept the phone in headset mode. They replaced the phone after looking at it for a couple hours.
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    I've gotten six refurbished phones from both Sprint and Lock Line
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    I've gotten 10 replacements, 9 refurbs and lastly a brand new, still in the box, hardware revision B Treo.
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    Quote Originally Posted by alucard
    I've gotten 10 replacements, 9 refurbs and lastly a brand new, still in the box, hardware revision B Treo.
    Wow, you must be hard on your phones! I have had 3 replaced do to extreme volume issues, and total refusal to log into vision. Each time the tech gave me a brand new phone. The one I'm on now has been ok for about 7 or 8 months now.
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    I had a lockline replacement for a stolen 650 and the replancement was new fyi...
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    Within the past 2 weeks, I received a LockLine replacement for my Treo 650 and it came new in the box with all accessories and shrink wrap instruction book and hardware revision B.
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    Lockline replacement for my wife's 650 (jamba juiced) was allegedly a referb (packaging was not the same as retail) but looked/worked as new.
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    2 replacements, one from spint and one from lock line insurance- both refurbs.
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    My lost 650 was replaced with NEW in box with all accessories 650. Hardware B with newest firmware 1.13.
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    I have had two refurbs, one from sprint in first year and one from Lock Line. Any reason not to return the old phones?
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    I've gone through 4 units in the past two months. All were refurbished from Sprint. Last one was a keeper...

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