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    I own a Treo 650 serviced by Sprint. I will not be able to use it in Europe because it is on the Sprint CDMA network. Sprint has an International service that you sign up for ahead of time but I don't think that allows automatic dialing. You will connect to an operator etc. and possibly won't be successful and the charges may be high. I would appreciate it if someone could explain that service to me and if that is a workable solution. The Sprint service tech has me totally confused.

    I am thinking the best solution is to bring the Treo with me for its PDM and camera uses and rent a GSM phone to use while I am gone for two weeks. Can anyone enlighten me on who best to do that with? I truly appreciate any good advice.
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    What country will you be going? Many have cheap prepaid packages. Downside is the phones come SIM-locked.
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    For outside the US I simply carry a Nokia 1100 that I unlocked (it's a small and compact little phone) and use pre-paid sims in the country I am in. I have quite a collection of different colored SIM cards now

    If you don't have a GSM phone, just get one with the pre-paid SIM -- they are not terribly expensive.

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    When you tell Sprint that you are going out of the country, they send you a SIM card. Then you either rent or buy a cheap gsm phone (I bought a Motorola and it works great). You can do your own dialing and, at least in theory, receive incoming calls which are placed to your regular number. I say in theory because sometimes the calls go straight to voicemail. I'm assuming that depends on the reliability of the network you are roaming on because in London all calls come through with no problem. In India, it's more hit or miss
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    Don't use Sprint's overpriced international services. Sprint does have a dual cdma/GSM mode phoen from Samsung, but it's overpriced and has horrible battery life...

    I suggest you get a cheap quadband unlocked gsm phone and buy prepaid SIM cards when you get there...
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    I use a Cingular Nokia 1100 for GSM and my Sprint Treo 650 the rest of the time. Sprint is getting better and better I use my GSM phone less and less. Hopefully soon the Treo will have dual or more radios.
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    I also use a GSM phone OOC. I use a Panasonic GD55. The first time I saw one I thought it was a keychain toy. But it's a real phone. It's about half the size of a snickers bar.

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