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    Quote Originally Posted by bestoverall View Post
    I didn't want to take any chances so I placed my order on 12/19. A day later the status still shows that the order is pending approval from Sprint. How long does it typically take to ship the phone after placing the order? Is there anyway to expedite this? I tried their 866 number with no avail.
    It typically takes no more than 24 hours for the order to process and ship. If you're order is still stuck at processing after 24, call Inphonic and ask if something is wrong.
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    Quote Originally Posted by MidwestDrummer View Post
    It typically takes no more than 24 hours for the order to process and ship. If you're order is still stuck at processing after 24, call Inphonic and ask if something is wrong.
    I placed my order for two phones and two $30 SERO plans on Monday, December 18th and as of the writing of this, it is still stuck. For the past 3 days I have checked the status of my order on, called in and received a response from the VRU and also received live updates from reps. The updates are never in sync and all say something different. I have been told 3 times by reps that my order was being activated and would ship the first time by 3 PM today, the second time, within 2 hours and then at my last call tonight, oh it will be 24 hours. Each and every time I have state back the stated commitment about the ship time I was quoted and I was told each time yes, that is correct.

    Sprint should be embarassed, shocked and ashamed at the type of service this outsourced contractor provides that Sprint has chosen to fulfill new SERO orders. Inphonic has demonstrated to me nothing but a lack of knowledge around the ordering process, incompetence with executing and moving the order process along, their inability to proactively communicate "supposed" order issues to the customer and finally no concern over giving out false information.

    I was finally offered the opportunity to be tranferred to the voicemail for the office of the president. I skeptically left a message and left my order#, name and call back phone number and even repeated it once. I'll let you know if I eve get any calls back which I won't hold my breath for.

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    You know .. these areas are LITTERED with folks that had problems with InPhonic,, etc.

    When I got my 700p the end of June, I originally ordered thru InPhonics, played their game for 6 days. Finally got frustrated, called Sprint CS, ordered my 700p with a SERO plan - had the phone the next day.

    To be fair - I'm sure quite a few folks had little or no problems with InPhonics.
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    Here's an Update - I called again later last night (I gusess I'm a glutton for punishment). To sum it up I was again guaranteed my order would be activated and shipped this morning by 10 AM (the rep was very specific). So I called back this morning to get my tracking number and wouldn't you know, they were now out of stock for the Razr V3M for my wife. Then on top of that, my number that I was porting over to the new 700p that I wanted was not eligible for porting over from Cingular so I needed a new number? That is very ironic because that number that is supposedly ineligible for was originally assigned to me by Sprint a little less than 6 years ago (I left Sprint about 2 years ago for Cingular). Not only that but if I go to Sprint's website and put in that number, it says it IS eligible for porting over.

    Well good ridance to Inphonic, I canceled my order immediately and asked to be transferred againt to The Office of the President to leave another message. I have also filed a complaint against Inphonic with the Washington, DC Better Business Bureau and I'm in the process of filing a complaint with the North Carolina Attorney Generals Office. Lastly, I think I'll try submitting my complaint to Sprint as well and then I'll try the route gijohn followed and contact Sprint CS directly to see if they can help me out.

    Oh yeah, I almost forgot, no call back from the Office of the President. But I really don't expect one. I'm guessing it's just a regular voicemail box that's not even monitored and they just transfer people into it to get rid of them and get them off the phone.
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    rhc43 ..... do yourself a favor. Contact Sprint CS, tell them you're a Cingular customer, you want to become a Sprint customer, you'd like to purchase phone(s) on the SERO plan and bring your Cingular numbers over to the new phones.

    MY OPINION .... don't mention anything about your happy times with InPhonic (at least until your deal is done with a Sprint CS). Shrug it off as a "life lesson" and enjoy your new phones.

    Good luck.
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    rhc43 ..... in the 700p Hardware>700p on SERO topic .... read my message #157 (and a whole bunch of others in that June '06 time frame.
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    I'm finally getting mine tomorrow. It took 5 days in total. I did have to call imphonic csr to clear the order.
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    midwest drummer im going to take another venture to the sprint store to switch back to sprint from nextel on the 26th! then that day im calling to switch to a sero plan! whats the best approach to getting the CSR to switch me to a sero plan with time running out toward the 31st!?
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    I would say something to the effect that another CSR mentioned to you that SERO was available to everyone during the holidays. Say something along the lines of, you came over to Sprint specifically to take advantage of that offer. If that doesn't work, or you can't get a rep who's willing to do the switch, call back and ask for retentions. Tell retentions you're wanting to go back to the Nextel side because they wouldn't let you on a SERO plan. A friend of mine had a sort of a similar situation a few months ago. He had just signed up with Sprint at Wal-mart and I had been posing as him on the phone with Sprint CSR to try and get him switched over to a SERO plan. I couldn't find a rep willing to do it, so I had them transfer me to retentions. When the retentions rep asked why he wanted to cancel, I simply mentioned that nobody was willing to help him get on a SERO plan. When I said that, she immediately said she could get him on one. Piece of cake!

    Good luck!
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    i went to the sprint store near me equipped with the info from the sprint site and this forum. they hadn't heard of it. finally i asked them if they had internet and walked them thru the site online- right there an the store! i was really nice and said "take your time and call me back when you figure it out." i live just a couple blocks away. i told them i could easily do it online, but they were nice and i wanted to give them the business. an hour later i get a call and i was good to go!
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    Does the SERO plan include free Sprint to Sprint minutes? My contract does not explicitly state it, but i thought it was ALL of them?
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    Quote Originally Posted by dohsar View Post
    Does the SERO plan include free Sprint to Sprint minutes? My contract does not explicitly state it, but i thought it was ALL of them?
    Pretty sure all of them do. I know mine (1250 min / $50) includes unlimited mobile to mobile.
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    Quote Originally Posted by dohsar View Post
    Does the SERO plan include free Sprint to Sprint minutes? My contract does not explicitly state it, but i thought it was ALL of them?
    Log into your account at and click on the "Plan Details" link. You should see:

    Plan Details

    * Adjustable Anytime Minutes
    * $XX.XX Minimum Monthly Charge
    * AMERICA - ROAMING Included
    * Nationwide Long Distance Included
    * Unlimited Night & Weekend Mins. Included
    * Nights: M-Th 9PM-7AM Wknd: F 9PM-M 7AM
    * Unlimited Vision Access
    * Unlimited Mobile to Mobile
    * Caller ID, Call Waiting
    * Three-way Calling
    * Voicemail
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    can someone pm me an employee email address please if its not too late?!
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    unless they changed this you don't need an employee emial address - you can use
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    Tried a few stores in NYC (via phone)
    they wouldn't budge on the $299& sero
    had to order from inphonic they charged tax, which they refused to remove even after speaking to someone in the presidents office, saying they have an office in ny & will charge tax

    Placed my order on hold since i'll be out of the country for two weeks, will call back to get this rolling on the 10th

    help & wish me luck!
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    Quote Originally Posted by psixichka View Post
    help & wish me luck!
    Good luck
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    I decided to see what happens if I stop by a store( I was near one ). It was very busy and no questions were asked when I asked them to match the inphonics offer. Got 700p for $299 & the SERO $30plan. Tax was charged so my total for today was $326 and the guy threw in a free bluetooth headset.
    I was kind of regretting by not asking them to match the $199 treo 680 Cingular is offering but then I relized I won't be able to get the $150 rebate.

    InPhonics cancelled my order without any issues.

    My number was ported faster than they said it would, now I just have to figure it out
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    Quote Originally Posted by psixichka View Post
    now I just have to figure it out
    Wellll ....... now comes the FUN part. Great that everything has worked out for you, the customer.
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    I got both my phones (700p and 700wx for wifey). Plan is all set up.. ported my number everything is kool.

    Question now.. how can i do hte sprint Tv thing?? is this possible with the Sero plan?


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