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    I've been out of contract w/ Sprint for 2 years now.

    I have (FREE) unlimited SMS (not explicitly stated anywhere, but I got in when unlimited Vision was first offered and there was no such thing as SMS and have never been charged a dime for SMS).

    I now want to add a second line to my account.

    1) What kind of discounts should I expect towards the new phone with a 1-yr contract renewal? Any special discounts for being a customer for 3 years now and being out of contract for 2 years? (I'll probably do this immediately after the Treo 700-something is available - that should help with the discounts).

    2) Can I have my FREE unlimited SMS added to the second account, and if so, at what price? I just talked to the Sprint reps and they were not very helpful.
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    honestly which is why I am no longer with sprint
    too much wasted time having to Bi*ch about missbillings, or negotiating. In the time I am saving by not having to deal with it allows me to make more money.
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    Well, I guess I got my answer in Sprint SERO. Solves a lot of little issues with $30/month for everything except SMSs.
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