I'm a total Treo NEWB :-)

I just bought a Treo 650 (well 700w but then read around and switched) from Verizon, with unlimited 1xRTT (right?) data service. I had hoped to use this for DUN with my Apple Powerbook (OS X 10.4 Tiger) via USB or (preferablly? depending on bandwidth) Bluetooth.

I'm no longer sure if this is possible - I checked out shadowmite's site and I see misc updates for VZW Treos, and google shows howtos for setting up _GSM_ Treos for DUN on Powerbooks.

Can anyone link me to a FAQ/Howto if one exists on this issue? Or tell me I'm out of luck, etc. I can probably handle firmware updates and stuff and am only mildly afraid of frying the phone (also interested in links on how to get the phone fixed cheapest after an update screwup).

Looking forward to some awesome help. Thanks in advance!