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    I have the SERO plan so don't pay for data but they still charge me for SMS send/receive. There are numerous ways to send for free - i.e. via e-mail or through a webpage. Receiving one is more difficult as you need your phone number.

    I have heard on pdaphonehome that doesn't get charged as a received SMS because it can be e-mail spam. The sms is charged to your bucket during the month but when your bill comes, all the e-mail to SMS are gone. Can anyone verify this?

    Also is there an easy sms gateway to send free sms? I've been using regular email to the but sometimes that doesn't work if they aren't on sprint. Thanks.
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    or you could send the message through your email you just have to know the carriers info. (i.e. With teleflip it automatically inputs the correct info for you.

    here is a list of the carriers info
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    You can use Verichat or Toccer. Add an AIM buddy, but use +Followed by the area code and phone number. IE: +6618675309. The only catch is when the person receives the text, it will be from your AOL user name and not from your phone number.

    I still need to go over my bill. I have Sprint and don't have messaging. I got my bill and it said I had like 60 texts. I mostly use Verichat using the method described above, and don't think I receive that many to put me close to that number.
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    Yes I mentioned I knew about e-mail or AIM to SMS for SENDING but there's no good way to receive since Sprint charges you for receiving too.

    AIM works but only if you keep it open.

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