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    I have the Verizon Treo 650.
    I have occasional need to read e-mail from my Treo but most of the time I can read these e-mails from my home office off my computer.
    I certainly don't need the unlimited data plan for this. But i don't understand how the 'per kilobite' plan works. Seems the Verizon folks are not too familiar with it either.
    I can use Versamail or the Verizon Web PIM e-mail systems. I do not need to synch contacts or other stuff.
    What I think I have going right now with Versamail is that all my e-mails are going to the Treo whether I like it or not so I'm paying for e-mails on my Treo that I read on my computer. I have my e-mail account going both places.
    What is my best option for my situation?
    I want to read one out of every 20 e-mails on my Treo. Get It Now was perfect, I paid for airtime WHEN I NEEDED TO READ E-MAIL. But the Treo won't do Get It Now.
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    Do a search on the boards for using DUN (dial up networking) from your Treo. Who is your internet service provider from home? Do they have a dial up option if you are traveling? Use that from your Treo and you can check your emails using minutes from your cell plan.

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