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    I can't believe it, I pay full price for a Treo 650 and 2 months later they slap a $36 upgrade fee onto my account. This is BS. I signed no new contract, no rebates nothing. Sprint has balls. Call Sprint and all in all it's there new policy.
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    I don't understand what the upgrade fee is for in your case. Are they charging you because you changed equipment when you bought your Treo? That's ridiculous.
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    Well after running down to my local Sprint store where a friend of mine works, she straightened it out, but had a hard time herself getting it done. Technically this charge is for people who utilize there handset upgrade option, which IMO is still BS. Because on a 1year upgrade which is $75 off it really turns out to be only $39 off and you still have to sign a two year contract.

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