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    I'm set to go in and get my 600 replaced under warranty - it won't be the first time. What are the chances that Sprint will just give me a 650? Or do they still have a stockpile of refurb 600s for this purpose?

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    I did this about 8-12 mos ago and just magically coincidentally got a brand new 650 for free. They said they were OOS on the 600's.

    Try for it. beg and plead.
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    I think it depends on where you are. I live on Long Island in NY and my local Sprint store ordered me a refurb 650 to replace my 600. When that first 650 failed within 24 hours, they gave me a new 650 right out of the box, on the spot.

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    I did this upgrade from the 600 to 650 about 8 months ago... I did not get a CD or power cord to charge it but I was more than willing to pay for those myself... (CD is free if you sign up as a developer on palms site wink wink!)

    edit: beg and plead! it all depends on the right person you are talking to.
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    MY t600 died, and they gavce em a 650 fresh out the box! BTW I live in central Fla. I understand that it varies from location to location, State to State or at least region to region. Take care, Jay
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    I live in Bradenton, FL and just got a 650 to replace a 600 with a screen problem. The CSR said that they were "running out of 600's".
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    I had a 600 and they werent going to exchange it for a 650 (I had problems with them even helping me after the sprint/nextel merger and the service charges to test it.)
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