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    Well I just got my brand new laptop and I'll be traveling soon and I may need a laptop card to get online. Is there a certain one to get with the Treo 650 because I've seen some on ebay for as little as $20 and I've seen them on sprint's site for as much as $300. Please give me some info on this.
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    I use PDANET to tether my laptop to the 650. Works great.
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    Kind of a vague question. If you want to use your 650 as a modem persay, as Coffeeman said above, use PDA Net, or look into Bluetooth Dun, and you would just need a bluetooth dongle to plug into your laptop's usb port.

    Now, on the flip side, if you just want a wireless card, you laptop may have a built in card, or you get one to go into your pcmia slot in your laptop, neither of which has nething to do with your Treo.

    Or you can get the one like Sprint, Verizon, Etc sell, which is basically high speed and in addition to paying $100-$300 for the card, ou will pay about $50-$60 a month for the data service, and those cards don't have anything to do with he Treo either. Someone correct me if I'm wrong about any of that.

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