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    Hey guys,
    I've been reading because I'm going to be traveling outside the US of A, and was looking about international roaming with my sprint treo, and was reading on some website about something in Europe called w-CDMA. Does anyone know what his is and if my treo (600) or a triband/mode dualband/mode phone will work there?

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    WCDMA is the 3G standard that includes UMTS and EV-DO. Your Treo 600 will not roam on either of these networks.
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    Actually WCDMA is UMTS/HSDPA and is NOT EV-DO. This is one of the common mistakes. WCDMA is in no way related to CDMA used by verizon or Spritn. It's 3G UMTS/HSDPA used as a 3G for the GSM companies like Cingular and TMobile.

    I know, confusing.
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    Definition of CDMA2000 (Sprint, Verizon):

    Definition of WCDMA (UMTS, HSDPA)
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    I misstated WCDMA as including EVDO when in actuality I meant FOMA. Also, HSDPA is not W-CDMA , and UMTS and HSDPA are two separate protocols and not interchangeable. UMTS is 3G whereas HSDPA is considered 3.5G. UMTS is specified by release 99 of the 3GPP standard, while HSDPA is subsequently specified two releases later in release 5. HSDPA is evolved from and backwards compatible with W-CDMA.
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    well. yes and no.

    CDMA2000 by Qualcomm: current 1xRTT and EV-DO, and future EV-DV

    WCDMA by Ericsson: yes, FOMA is an older version that has been around in Japan for awhile, but incompatible with what is being deployed in Europe and other places. HSDPA and later, HSUPA are both enhancements to basic WCDMA. HSDPA is to WCDMA what EDGE is to GPRS, an enhancement.

    UTMS: originally designated the 2100 mHz spectrum, but has come to be synonymous with WCDMA.
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