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    Quote Originally Posted by naivete
    Okay. So, if I press *2 on my 650, my phone will be updated with the latest PRL?
    Sometimes the system will flag on it's own and when you call *2 it will say something like - Here at sprint, we have noticed that a free upgrade is available for your phone, pelase wait while it's downloaded.

    Sometimes you have to call customer service to have them flag your account - dial *2, say PRL update when prompted for what you are calling about, and tell the rep to flag your account. Then once they flag it call *2 again (not always activated immediately as the above poster states) and the system will say the same - Here at sprint, we ahve noticed bla bla bla and it will download.

    Sometimes you ask a rep to flag the account and they have no idea how to. In that case hang up and try to get another Customer Service Rep on the phone.
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    It's a lot easier to request it on their site. See some of the post near the begining of this thread.
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    I went here and had my account flagged within an hour

    Does anyone know what areas are in this update?
    There's always next year!
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    Thanks folks! I'll give it a try over the weekend.
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    Thanks for all the info in this thread! I read in another thread about calling *2 and I tried it so many times over the last few days. Each time "Claire" said, "Ok i'll connect you to a customer service rep". One woman told me they can't do it, and I just have to keep calling until it does it automatically! Another told me I had the latest version. I asked her what that version was (my phone has 10029) and she said she apologized but couldn't find it- but I should go to a Sprint store and they would connect my phone to a machine that upgrades it!!

    I just sent the email, we'll see what happens!
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    I got an PRL updated for the palm pre.
    while I was using the instant mgs. Signal
    lost and came back up. Did it update
    automaticaly by itself or do I call tech
    support for more info?
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    where do i check my prl version?
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    go to device info then more info its at the bottom
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    mine says 60663
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    same here
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