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    Yesterday i was in a 1X Verizon Home area and my Wireless Sync wasnt working.. I had to manually hit "Sync" for it to get my emails.. Wireless sync has been working like a charm till yeterday?! Do i have to maintain a certain type of connection other than just the 1X for it to work? Please help!!!!
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    Now i am back at my office today (which happens to be in an "Extended Digital" area - not Verizon's home area) and my Wireless Sync is working perfectly now! I dont get it? I am roaming off of US Cellular's network and everything is working perfectly.. But when i go to a Verizon network the Wireless sync dosent work automatically?!?!? WTF?
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    That's happened to me several times as well. I have WS set up to sync between 9am and 11:59pm and sometimes it doesn't work.
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    wireless sync sucks. uninstall it is my recommendation!
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    Verizon Wireless says that this is a known issue with Wirless Sync on the Treo 700w. Verizon, Palm, and Microsoft are working on a fix to the problem. The symptoms are that Wireless sync will stop working periodically by going offline. It stops receiving the signals that are supposed to force a syncronization. i.e. when a new email arrives, the WS server sends a signal to the phone to sync. Thats how you get the real push environment. Apparantly, this bug, only seen on the Treo 700w has something to do with the OS and the way that they got windows mobile to run on palm.
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    WS had the same problem with the Treo 600 too. They have been working on these intermittent problems for almost 2 years.

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    Has anyone gotten an update? I spoke to two separate people on the data support team at Verizon today and they were not aware of the problem. They raised it as an issue and said they'd get back to me.
    Does anybody have a Verizon contact we can chase on this and get an update? Our company has many 700Ws which all exhibit this issue.
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