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    Just a head's up.

    I use a Sprint Treo 650 and VersaMail. I have 5 VersaMail accounts set up. The incoming server is set to the appropriate provider on all accounts. The OUTGOING mail server is set to on all accounts to facilitate the sending of mail and it has been this way for a year.

    Today, I could recieve but not send email. Kept getting a "bad password or userid warning."

    Called Sprint -- problem was at their end -- my password on their server apparently got corrupted. They reset it to what it had been and all my VersaMail accounts can now send mail again!

    Cheers, Perry
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    Similar thing happened to me. If you don't send an email to your sprint account (ie for a long time the computer erases your password. I think the tech i spoke with said send at least 1 email to yourself evey 6 months.
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    same thing happened to me a few days ago. First thing I did was come here and start searching. Treocentral is such a great service to have! Thanks Perry and Ink883
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    Glad that it helped someone!!

    Cheers, Perry

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