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    I tried just now to use that code 70246 and even quoted the microsoft server information and still nothing. Is there another code - I am in cleveland and I have a treo 650
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    Worked like a charm for me. I have a 700w in California.
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    Very old thread, I know. But, I was interested in resurrecting this to ask a question.

    Long time member, and former Pre/Pre2/Pre3/Touchpad user here.

    I used to have this plan code, but I cannot find it for the life of me, and VZW will not add it to my now current grandfathered line without seeing what the plan code is, preferably on someone's account who has it (would only be able to view account, not make any change).

    If anyone who still has the 2000 free text add-on for VZW UL Data is willing to share their number with me (not for me to use/see, but for me to give to VZW tech support rep to see the plan code that you have (again, VZW tech support would have read access only, since I do not want your account passcode/security feature; they won't have ability to make any change), I would greatly appreciate it.

    Feel free to PM me, or send me an email @

    Thanks in advance for any assistance.
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