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    Quote Originally Posted by Stihl
    you only have to pay 39.99 for unlimited data? how did you manage that

    I have to pay 44.99 for my data
    Well, you can pick one of the voice/data combo plans. The 80 combo plan is 40 for voice and 40 for unlimited pda data. That is what I have. I also had them add the 2k sms free option as well.
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    Aren't prices different in different areas depending on competition?
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    Quote Originally Posted by mdlissner
    How about adding it on a Treo 650??? Can this be done???
    its for exchange users...using AUTD
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    True. but they did it for me anyway.

    Quote Originally Posted by gex
    its for exchange users...using AUTD
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    This is the 3rd time I've called and everyone keeps giving me the run-around. The last person I've spoken with obviously did not know what it was and assured me that 'while it was a promotion offered years ago, it was no longer available'.

    Any ideas?

    Ok, I just called back and was told that I had unlimited SMS messeging as part of my 44.99 unlimited data plan.

    What the Christ?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Stihl
    Ok, I just called back and was told that I had unlimited SMS messeging as part of my 44.99 unlimited data plan
    I hope that's true, but it looked like to me that SMS messaging was not included with any data plan. I wouldn't rack up too many messages before you find out for sure. You'll never be able to get VZN to stand by what the customer service person said. You'd have to get it in writing.
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    I'm going down to a verizon store to smash some heads as we type

    Wish me luck; I've got my ***-kickers on and I'm wearing my lucky undies!
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    Just worked for me. Took like 5 minutes. Told them I setup my Exchange server, told them the date I updated to SP2 and the retroactivated it. Sweet. Finally decent CS from VZW.
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    I have the unlimited data and called, had them check and said they have never had such an offer.


    Quote Originally Posted by JesseNYC
    Check it out here:Howard's Forums

    It works. I just called and got it added to my account. Don't know if this was posted here before. Sorry I didn't search first.
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    Took me two phone calls but it worked on the 2nd phone call. I have the packaged 450 minutes w/ unimited data.

    Dont take no for an answer! Just hang up and get a hold of another rep

    btw i live in cleveland, ohio
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    Just called and got it added to in 5 minutes. I called the Wireless Data Department at 866-788-9387 and specifically asked if I could add the "PDA SMS 2000 AllOWANCE" to my plan. He looked it up and found it no problem. He had to remove my exisiting TXT plan before he could add the new one. I checked my account online and the new PDA SMS 2000 AllOWANCE at $0.00 shows up now.

    I am on the Core Choice 450 plan.

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    Tried 2 reps and had no luck. They actually argued with me about it. Very rude actually. They said it must not be a Verizon offer that it must be from a 3rd party.
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    calling now...again

    edit: wow going on thirty minutes...she is nice though

    edit: Ungawa, she did it! I guess my corporate talk paid off
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    I made several calls to individuals that were pleasant but unable to help (spoke to supervisors, and were told SMS2K is unavailable in this part of the billing system). Indeed it was true (I am in Florida - not in the i2k billing system) but after finding a very diligent data tech support person it was added. OK folks - this is impressive - she called me back 2 times to update me on the process over a period of 4 days. She explained that after her request, marketing was adding the feature for this billing system (I believe we are on their "vision" billing system) and though she would be on vacation Wednesday, she would add it Thursday. I got an email a few minutes ago from her to explain that it was available and that she had added the feature to my account. It was already in my record by the time I was able to check online. After 6 years with ATTWS/Cingular and all the related issues, I am ecstatic with every contact I have had at Verizon and the efforts of this young lady were exemplary to say the least. I hope that the feature is available for the rest of you in the visions billing system (south and lower Eastern Seaboard from what I have read). Good luck!
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    so do yo still get the "IN" free with this?
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    As soon as I requested it the nice gal added it. I had to ask her twice to make sure she wasn't going to add me to some other plan with added cost. I guess they have been getting quite a bit of calls on this because she seemed familiar with it.
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    I just read this thread and called 866-788-9387 (verizon data services support), chose the option to add other services, and after waiting on hold asked to have the PDA SMS 2000 feature added to my service. The rep immediately said she would be happy to do it and added it within 30 seconds no questions asked. I have a Treo 650 with the $44.95 data plan.
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    I believe you can if you opt to pay the extra $5 for unlimited "IN"-network SMS.

    2000 text messages are a lot. I ended up dropping my IN plan and saved $5 bucks

    Quote Originally Posted by pump142
    so do yo still get the "IN" free with this?
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    There was a technical problem keeping them from adding it to mine account. Three different reps removed the existing SMS plan and it still wouldn't work. Finally someone opened a trouble ticket and a few days later I got a call at 6AM telling me that I was all set. It is also listed on my account on the website.

    Is 2000 an arbitrary number which they don't expect anyone to reach? Like the 2000 N/W minute which essentially meant "free N/W" minutes, I wonder if it would cost for any SMS over 2000. My SMS-driven 100 emails/day use can easily go over 2000 in a month.
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