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    I am an unhappy Sprint customer looking to make a move - possibly to Alltel. The Alltel coverage in my area is supposedly much better than Sprint's.

    I know that both Sprint and Alltel are CDMA so that begs the question -- would it be possible to put my Sprint Treo 650 on the Alltel network or will I have to buy a new Treo from Alltel and sell mine? By possible I mean (a) technologically possible and (b) Alltel would cooperate to get my business.

    I'm going to get nailed for a $150 early termination fee with Sprint, so I'm trying to save money here if possible.
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    Is it technically possible? Yes. But, I probably wouldn't do it, as you'll run into a number of headaches. For one, you'd need to get the Master Subsidy Lock (MSL code) for your Treo, and Sprint tends to do unique codes for each phone. Getting them to give up that number is pretty hard to do. Plus, you'll have to convince Alltel to activate your Electronic Serial Number (ESN) on their network (they really don't like doing that), input all the correct data settings, etc. In addition, you might run into issues when trying to update your PRL in future.

    If you're the kind of person that enjoys a challenge, then go for it. Otherwise, I recommend just getting Alltel's Treo 650, and sell your old one on eBay. Since you'd be able to get Alltel's Treo 650 at the new subscriber rate, you *might* be able to recover the cost of that Treo through the sale of your older one. Then you'd have a Treo properly set up for Alltel, without any of the potential headaches.

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