I have attempted to search out the answer, but it is to no avail ...

I am an existing Sprint user who is really eyeing the Treo 650 for pushmail purposes, DUN, and the like. Sprint's data charges are absurdly low compared to other CDMA or GSM providers. What confuses me is that a recent 650 ROM released by Sprint now uncripples DUN. However, the TOS for Vision and Power Vision expressly denies DUN ("Sprint PCS Vision Packs are not avai'l ... with Bluetooth Vision capable PCS Phones used as a modem in connection with other devices. Sprint reserves the right to deny or to terminate service without notice for any misuse."). I guess this explains users getting saddled with high overage bills (passing some magic threshold; getting spotted in randomized audits; etc.). Moreover, this looks like the start of Sprint pushing more business and power users to PCMCIA connection cards.

So can ANYONE use Sprint DUN over Vision without violating the TOS?

Can I pop for a Sprint-branded Treo 650, and ride the BT DUN wave, and in the event that Sprint sacks this, take my branded/locked 650 to another provider? CDMA only? GSM also?

I hope this makes sense. Thanks in advance.