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    When I had Cingular for the 650, I was able to type a long sms message. If it exceeded the character limit, it simply continued, and then sent 2 or however many messages.

    Sprint doesn't do that. Once I hit the character limit, it won't let me type anymore, which is frustrating. Sometimes I need to send a long SMS because that's the only way I can communicate with a few people. Any suggestions?
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    That is just a restriction with the Treo. My 6700 will continue past 160 characters and just send multiple messages at once.
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    Another problem you will find with the Sprint implementation of SMS is that if an SMS is sent via email to (phonenumber) with an attachment, the message will never arrive. other carriers will drop the attachment and at least deliver the first 160 characters of text, Sprint will drop the whole damn message. Kind of sucks. I've asked Sprint Tech Support about it and they just hem and haw then give some lame excuse before they "accidentally" cut you off.

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