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    I recently switched to Sprint from Cingular and ported 3 numbers. When I was in the store I signed a sheet with fees listed. Then I come to find out the bill is all screwed up. The sheet has the following fees:

    50/month first two lines 1000 minutes shared
    10 for one additional line
    10 vision access unlimited
    5 unlimited text messages
    5 7pm nights and weekends

    I look online and see that I am actually getting charged 15 each for text and data (30 total) and 10 for nights and weekends (that is for nights and weekends at 9 NOT 7). I call the rep I signed up with and he gets the Vision change to $10, but says he made a mistake on the text and it is actually $10 not $5. He says he will put a 5% monthly discount on the bill (which is pretty fair since it amounts to about the $5 difference).

    Now my only problem is the nights and weekends. I call back a few days later and the rep is on vacation for a week. I call customer service and that say my plan did not include nights and weekends at all, this is the reason for the $10 charge. They say they will put the 7pm nights on for free.

    At this point I am basically paying $5 more a month about $85 instead of $80 for 3 lines, including unlimited data and text for my 650.

    Any opinions as to weather I should fight Sprint to get EXACTLY what I signed up for. I don't think I have a bad deal now, just frustrates me that I have a sheet that lists specific amounts and then I find out something different and have to spend the time to get it straightened out. Is this a common issue with store reps and Sprint in general?
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    Keep what you have if you are nearly satisfied. The next Rep can really screw things up for you TRYING to make it BETTER. Wait till you get a bill or two and see how they look. The first bill is always hard ot understand becuase it has the current period and the next month on it.
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    Keep complaining until you get excactly what you want. Tell them you want some free courtesy minutes and a permanent discount for the problems you've had.
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    You know they did nothing but make a complicated system even more complicated with this MORE CHOICES thing. Between phone min. data mins, text, pictures, videos, TV, and the 50 other options it's enough to make someone crazy.

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