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    Hello. I just bought a Verizon phone, and the little sticker on the back has been peeled off. I don't have the ESN number. I go to Phone Info and only the HS SN: number appears. What can I do? Thanks
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    Should be in on the box too. Have you looked there ??? Hope this helps. God Bless.
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    no box came with phone. =/
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    I don't know if you resolved this issue in the past month, but I had a similar problem today. I got a used T600 yesterday and went to the Sprint store today to get the ESN swapped from my old phone. The sticker was gone and the rep said there was nothing he could do. I called customer service (*2 on Sprint) and the opperator was able to swap the ESNs on the spot.
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    Hit the phone button, menu, then "Options...Phone info". The hex one is under there.

    Or press ##786 then "Dial" on Sprint phones to get the full info. I think it's #*#786 Dial on Verizon, not 100% sure.
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    verizon can automatically update the prl and program the phone by dialing *228... you can also attempt to place a call and they will spot you on the network... just ask for tier 2 tech support... peace

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