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    I've read where users were charged a shocking $600.00 bucks or so on their first bill after they set up DUN. But then other users occur no extra fees for tethering. Some users showed a separate type of data connection on there bill and others some how keep Sprint from finding out there using DUN???

    And who knows what carriers or ROM the users have that have posted this information. I know DUN wasnt totally enabled until 1.12. So maybe everything has changed???

    I've never tethered or checked into it but today I just set it up for my wife.

    She doesnt have bluetooth on her laptop so I downloaded PDANet. Is that the only way? And show I expect extra fees?
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    Thanks for the PM's. I guess this is pretty hush hush. Well if any users find this thread looking for the same answer The gist of it was you can tether lightly without raising eyebrows but if you decide to stream video all day Sprint is going to look your direction to see what you're doing. They offered unlimited data and want to keep offering unlimited data to keep us and continue to get us but they also want you to buy an air card for you laptop.

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