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    I am adding a third line to my Sprint account next month and am porting my wife's T-Mobile line to Sprint's family plan. I hope to save about $30 per month with the switch.

    I believe my wife would like a small, good looking, easy to use phone. Extra features (camera, wap, sms) would be nice, but looks and ease of use are the most important. However, bluetooth would be a good bonus.

    Any suggestions on a free or cheap Sprint phone?
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    i just got for Verizon a Motorola e-815 at amazon for $10 ( $175 paid plus $35 VZ activation fee less two rebates totaling $200). VZ wanted $50 net for the phone. I'm sure Sprint has a similar deal
    The Moto e-815 works well and is top rated by Consumers report

    Hope this helps
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    I would bet your best option is to look around on ebay, or on the sprint website (or amazon). Also, my neighborhood Fry's has some older models which they're really brought the price down on.
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    Not many Sprint phones with Bluetooth. (at least not cheap) However, you really can't go wrong with a Sanyo. Take a look at the 8300.
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    Bluetooth will be hard. But check out their website. You can find some good (free) phones. Basic, but free. Sprint
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    the absolute best phone for the sprint network is the sanyo mm8300, or any sanyo for that matter. i had the 8300 and just switched to the treo. 8300 had much better signal strength everywhere. whatever you do DO NOT get the samsung 840, horrible horrible horrible. did i mention horrible

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