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    I just switched from Cingular to Sprint today (porting took less than an hour). On Cingular, I was doing well if I received 40kbps. I'm consistently getting over 140kbps on Sprint's Vision Access; nearly 4 times faster!

    I'm in Chicago for anyone who is considering the data plan. Now that my blazer web pages actually load fast, I need to find some good sites to add to my list!
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    why is your data 10 when mine is 15 + 5 for text messages? =/
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    Because they convinced you that you needed picture mail and those other Sprint Bells and Whistles. I just wanted the Access, and that is $10/month. Check their website.
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    Quote Originally Posted by lawilson2
    ...On Cingular, I was doing well if I received 40kbps. I'm consistently getting over 140kbps on Sprint's Vision Access; nearly 4 times faster!
    I'm on Sprint near Hartford and am also seeing speeds of about 140kbps. It's a fairly recent improvement (previously, the fastest had been 80 kbps, and usually much less). I'm pleased with the speed bump -- it makes downloading Audible audiobooks over the air much faster.

    machx: I notice you're also in Connecticut -- I originally signed up for $15 vision and then changed to the $10 vision plan. You should be able to request a change to the $10 Vision plan by sending a web message to ecare (logged onto your account at or calling Customer Service.
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    Most Vision/1xRTT users are going to see an improvement because the towers in most cities have been upgraded to EVDO. The upgrade gives a side-benefit to better tuned 1xRTT performance as well.

    Sprint, BTW, now covers 150million population with EVDO, same as Verizon.
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    What's the best website to use from blazer to check my speed?
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    oh how thrilling. and once again my sprint area is having an outage.
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    Quote Originally Posted by migs
    What's the best website to use from blazer to check my speed?
    BBR Mobile
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    Just checked with Sprint this evening, and they advised that if you downgrade from $15 Vision Plus Pack to $10 Vision Access pack, you lose including included text messaging and then have to pay per text message.

    That could get very expensive very quickly. Be forewarned!!!
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    speaking of CT, does anyone know if Sprint is strong in Southern CT? More specifically, Fairfield County area?
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    When I moved from Cingular to Sprint a year ago due to some local dead spots in Cingular's coverage -- my (now) Sprint store gave me a "loaner" phone for a day to see if their coverage worked for me. It did. I switched.

    See if your local Sprint store will do the same for you.

    Also, don't be fooled by 'bars' of coverage either -- it is each particular phone's graphic representation of relative signal strength. One phone may say two bars and another 3 bars on the same signal strength. The Treo (on Sprint anyway) can give you signal strength by keying in ##33284# and look at the RSSI value -- the lower the negative number the better. (-55 = great, under a tower, -105 = no bars, signal fading to nothing)

    Quotes from this old thread:

    1. Actually RSSI values on the Treo range approximately from -105 (no signal) to -50 (standing in front of a tower).

    2. RSSI is the "Receive Signal Strengh Indication" which is typically reported in dBm, decibels referenced to one milliwatt. So a value of 0 dBm means you have a one milliwatt signal, a value of -20 dBm (which would give 4 bars) means you have a 0.01 milliwatt signal. The SNR is the difference between the noise floor (signal strength of the RF noise on the channel) and the RSSI of the data signal.

    Normally roaming is controlled by the network not by the phone. This minimizes roaming events (which may interrupt data flow) and allows the network to balance load between cells. It also means the phone may stick with a weak signal much longer than you would want; forcing the phone to re-scan may result in a stronger cell being selected.

    Cheers, Perry.
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    bcarlson makes a very good point. The incuded text messaging was removed from the $10 vision plan in July 2005. (This change didn't impact me, as I changed my Vision plan prior to that.)

    I don't get down to Fairfield County often enough to be able to respond specifically to your question, but my experience with Sprint in other areas of Connecticut is that signal strength is strong very near freeways, and then weakens (sometimes quickly) as you move away from freeways. With a Fair & Flexible plan (no roaming charges), in no signal areas you'd roam on Verizon's network for voice but data would not work. Here is Sprint's coverage map for Connecticut.

    Perry's advice seems like the way to go if you're contemplating moving to Sprint but are concerned about signal strength.
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    wow thanks for the tips guys - cheers!
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    I currently have a 600 with the Access plan ($10). If I upgrade to a phone with EVDO, will I also have to upgrade my Sprint plan to use EVDO service?

    thanks, Mike
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    I believe they are charging the same price for unlimited data ($15), whether you have an EV-DO capable hand-held PDA/smartphone or not. Now the charge for an unlimited data EV-DO "Air Card" for your Laptop is more . . . . did I see $49 or $59 when I was in the store?

    Cheers, Perry
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    I talked with a Sprint rep at a local store last week, and found out they recently changed their pricing plan. He said their new pricing plan is now split up into 2 parts for more flexability. $10/month for unlimited data plan. $5/month for 100 text messaging. In the past, they used to charge $15/month for both unlimited data with 100 text messaging included. Now they charge ala carte for each item. I actually like this current plan better, which is certainly better than getting ZERO text messaging immediately after Nextel merged with Sprint. I guess a lot of people must have complained about their pricing plan immediately after the merger.

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