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    Got my new PPC6700 last Friday. I have a friend who works for Sprint corporate, so he got me a screamin' deal on the device. Activated it with a new line of service which set me up to do the following:

    ESN swap my existing Sprint number over to the PPC6700. Then, program the Treo 650 with my girlfriend's line of service from her crap Verizon phone. I set this up as a 'port overlay', overwriting the 'new' line of service that was created when I got the PPC6700. Then, I altered my calling plans (details below) removed some unused features, and verified that we both had the latest PRLs.

    Entire call duration: approximately 29 minutes. I got through to the CSR within 2 minutes, didn't need to escalate anything to a supervisor, and was extremely pleased by her knowledge and pleasant demeanor. And did I mention that she gave me N&W starting at 7pm for FREE?

    Awesome customer experience. Just goes to show that there ARE a few good reps out there, and it is time that the contented majority start to make some posts about the quality of their experience to counterbalance the people who always rip on Sprint's service.

    My new plans:

    F&F America Shared 800 mins - $69.99
    Lockline for two lines - $12
    N&W at 7pm - free
    Powervision Std for 6700 - $15
    Vision for Treo 650 - $5
    The whiny minority always out-posts the contented majority.
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    Funny but whenever I see F&F all I can come up with is 'Friends and Family' (kidding)

    OK, I'll join the love-fest. I am a sometimes frustrated, but generally satisfied Sprint user as well.

    Treo 755p / Sprint
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    I USED TO BE a Sprint customer. When I upgraded from my Samsung I500 to Treo, I switched to Shingular. I can tell you that the Sprint people are far better than Shingular. They are courteous, knowledgable and their stores are generally far more neat, clean and comfortable than Shingular.

    Whenever I figure out that I have to call shingular, I start to have a panic attack. I anticipate being passed around like a hot potato and waiting on hold for 1/2 hours at a time. And I always end up having to pay more. My sim card had to be upgraded, $25 for that. I wanted to block my outgoing caller id, $25 for that. I had to upgrade my media works feature, $20 for that.

    The one good thing I can say is that they agreed to unlock my phone.

    One thing that is weighing on my mind is my rollover minutes - I have about several thousand minutes banked and I fear they are going to zap the banked minutes at the end of my contract - the roll over minutes was one of the big reasons I moved to Shingular.

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