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    I currently have a sprint 650. I live and work in and around Westchester/Putnam County NY. I am getting 1 bar at home and 2 at work. I believe that I am in Verizon land as my wifes verizon phone gets full bars every where. I don't want to get roped into a 2 year contract and then find out that my phone won't work at aunt Edna’s house 3 towns over.

    Does anyone have an opinion on either carrier in this area?? (pricing/service)
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    I've used sprint with the T650 for the last 1 yr, and b4 that 5 yrs with VZW. I live in Northern Westchester and commute to Rye everyday. Overall the coverage is better for VZW, but that being said the service area is more than acceptable for Sprint. And for voice only, when you're out of the Sprint footprint you can roam to VZW. The main reasons that I switched were as follows:

    1) Price of Service -

    a) Voice - Sprint $0.05/min and no worries about going over your monthly commitment under fair & flexible pricing. I got hosed by vZW to the tune of $300 a number of times when my wife and I went over and got billed at $0.40/minute.

    b) Data - $10/mo for Vision v. $45 for VZW (both unlimited). nuff said here.

    2) 1xRTT network - Bottom line is with an active data connection VZW is constantly pinging your Treo, and Sprint doesn't. This is a big issue if you use Chatter in online mode as you could waste through your battery in short order, in addition to having many calls go directly to voice mail.

    I hope this helps, but I have found Sprint to be a much better solution in Westchester given price and quality of service.
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    BARS don't mean anything..........Do you drop calls frequently? Like mentioned Sprint roams on Verizon's network anyway so what the difference.
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    I live in northern westchester and Commute to Dutchuss county. I have only experienced dropped calls while driving the taconic through putnam county. I had nextel before sprint and had to up my minutes on sprint because the coverage was so much better. Btw, I do not pay to roam on verizon towers. I found I rarely ever roamed so i decided not to pay the extra 5 dollars a month.

    I hope that helps


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    Thanks for the info Ambtreo, VikingJr & was very helpful and more importantly a time saver. My company uses the nextel network for 2 way and voice - sprint approached me when I was looking for a black berry. Needless to say the treo device was top on my list as i have been an avid palm user for 6+ years...My only wish now is for a treo that is compatible with the nextel 2 way network. Until then I will be carrying 2 devices.
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    My brother had Sprint before he switched to Verizon. He said he's got less dropped calls.

    This is not related: I wonder who won the bidding to setup wireless service in the subway system.
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    Some may disagree but i have found the treo reception to be similar to other cell phones on the same network. Sometimes I have had a little bit worse reception with my treo. I am not sure about sprint, but verizon lets you try their service for 15 days with no strings. Just make sure to get that phone back within 15 days if you are not happy, otherwise you have to deal with the termination fee. Also if you call your wife a lot then you can call her for free for as long as you like with the IN calling plan for VZW
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    Quote Originally Posted by vikingjunior
    BARS don't mean anything..........Do you drop calls frequently? Like mentioned Sprint roams on Verizon's network anyway so what the difference.
    True. I get perfectly clear and useable signal in quite a bit of places where there is one bar of signal on my 650. I have heard here and there that Verizon Treos' reception is subpar in comparison to Sprint Treos' (in comparison to other phones on the same network) but I wouldn't know since I don't use a Verizon 650.
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    Just to throw another variable in the mix, not all treo's are created equally. I had mine replaced by sprint over the infamous sound jack. Not only did it fix the jack problem, but reception is much much better. Went from hardware A to B, so curious if that has something to do with it.

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