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    For Treo 600 (CDMA), it is possible to convert it from Verizon to Sprint. Does anyone know how to deal with Treo 650 (CDMA)?

    Many thanks.

    Xiao Yao
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    Sprint will not accept ESNs that are not in their database. You would be wasting your time.
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    To clarify, I am not in the USA. I just want to program the the Verizon Treo 650 to Sprint version in order to use my local CDMA network. Can anyone give me some ideas.

    Many thanks.
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    If all you want is CDMA, why not stick with Verizon?

    Search the forums here, maybe try "shadowmite" and "rom". He's built custom ROMs (and now provides a tool to do it yourself) and I would guess reflashing to a Sprint ROM would be the first step.

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    Many thanks for your feedback. In my country, I do not know why the Sprint version is more stable than Verizon Version. I used to use Treo 600 (cdma) with Sprint version in my country, and failed in Verizon version. That is why I need to convert my Verizon version to Sprint.

    I learn from this forum that by using some special method, we can cheat the phone and convert the Treo 600 cdma rom of Verizon to Sprint. Can anyone help me to do it for Treo 650?

    Thank you.

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