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    I juuuust got my treo (yeah, been on this board for over a year and finally got one). And I got the unlimited data plan for the $100 discount and talked with the guy at the shop and he knew for sure that I was not stuck in the contract for the full 2 years. He did think that I should keep the unlimited plan for at least one billing cycle before I canceled it. What have ya'll done? How soon since signing up for the service have you canceled the data plan (and was still able to keep the discount)?

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    You are able to cancel it as soon as you get home if you like, but be very careful about using the Treo on Verizon without a data plan.
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    I also have roadrunner and if it's accurate about being able to cancel asap...I plan on deleting my data connection and setting up the RR connection to use MOU. I have to first establish my dialup connection. Thanks!
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    Just to be on the safe side, get a second opinion from someone at VZW before cancelling. My experience: the "guy in the store" knows next to nothing and cares even less.
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    Use caution here. I have no data plan. I can dial up to an isp and get billed for regular minutes. HOWEVER, I cannot dial in to my Road Runner dial up. Not sure why. I have tried different scripts posted on sites and simply time out every time. You have to be careful that nothing is staying connected or is allowed to automatically connect to protect yourself. Otherwise all works fine.
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    I've followed the instructions posted in a different thread to dialup to my RR isp and it worked I'm using dialup. I just haven't canceled my data package yet.

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