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    It seems shadowmites site is down. I need the btmanager.verizon.prc file posted. If someone could help me out that would be great. leaving for a lil road trip in like 30 mins.

    someone please help me
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    Looks like he left already, hope he got it.
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    Not sure but... why do you even need the patched BTmanager.prc anymore? Didn't the latest Verison firmware enable BT DUN like it did on other carrier firmwares?
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    Does anyone know if Verizon has enabled Bluetooth Dial-up Networking for the Treo 650? I've heard a rumor that there is a firmware upgrade available to make this happen but have not been able to confirm this with Verizon.
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    It appears that shadowmite has been encouraged to take this file off his site. Does anybody have a copy that I could test on my 650? My firmware is currently 1.04a.

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    BTW, on Veizon's website DUN is only listed for the 700 and later models.
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    Does anyone have the BT manager file for verizon to hack DUN for a treo 650?
    thx in advance
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    Does anyone has the BT Manager file for verizon on treo 650? Greatly appreciated!!!

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