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    hello, need help w/ treo 600 that won't recharge. I tried with four different charge cables and the "red" charge light will not light, nor is the battery charge indicator on.

    Anyone have a fix?
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    Good News / Bad News - turns out my verizoned sprint treo 600's motherboard went bad and that was causing the no charging issue. The good folks at pdaparts diagnosed this for me (didn't charge me). So I went to fleabay and purchased a parts/repair verizon treo 600 w/ a bad screen for $56 and I swapped my good screen to the verizon treo. All is well.
    BTW, this saga took about 25 days in which time VZW/ Asurion declined my claim ( after 14 months of paying insurance). I got back $80 from VZW (so I am now $24 ahead). I purchased a new battery ( not the problem - original 25 month old battery still good). I tried & returned new VZW 650 and then 700W. I still think 600 is the best due to larger phone dial pad & larger phone pad #s
    Hope this helps

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