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    Of course after our company switches from Cingular to Sprint, Cingular gets the next ROM Update. Does anyone know if there is an update due out for Sprint similar to the 1.17 update for Cingular?

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    Quote Originally Posted by johnstad
    Of course after our company switches from Cingular to Sprint, Cingular gets the next ROM Update. Does anyone know if there is an update due out for Sprint similar to the 1.17 update for Cingular?

    With respect to the NVFS optimizations:
    Sprint got two kickass updates in a row (1.08 and 1.12).
    Cingular has had the 1.15/1.31 (crap) and the 1.17/1.51 (thumbs up).
    GSM ROW has only had the 1.13/1.28 (so so), and they're due with the update similar to the 1.17.

    Is there much left to update on the Sprint, or are you pretty satisfied?
    I'm not sure if the focus afterwards will be on the Treo700W
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    Here is one Sprint user that is definitely not satisfied with 1.12. Yes, they did make improvements but the cache management is still pathetic which requires dbCacheTool and Resco Locker and the occasional lost prefs reset.

    From early reports the Cingular 1.17 update has (perhaps) resolved most/all of the problem, so I'm definitely anxious for a new Sprint update. I'm sure the GSM ROW folks are as well.

    Given the history, as a Sprint user I'll try to be patient and "wait my turn"
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    Also of note is that GSM devices (up until last week) were running Garnet 5.4.7 - Sprint has had 5.4.8 for a long time...

    What's this about pathetic cache management and prefs resets with the Sprint devices? I don't have problems with my device - have maybe done 1 or 2 soft resets in a month...Tons of apps installed, over a year of use, no exchanges...So what are the problems again...?
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    Thanks for the note on GSM 5.4.7 - didn't know that.

    Cache mgmt problems arise depending on which apps you use and how big they are. Two prime cases are GoodLink and TomTom. GoodLink takes in the neighborhood of 6.5M cache and TomTom wants 2M contiguous. In my case, once GoodLink is initialized, I'm down to ~1.5M free cache with ~500K contiguous. That's typically not enough contiguous to load even a web page in Blazer.

    The only solution is to use another utility called dbCacheTool which flushes the cache to free up both max and contiguous space. Unfortunately, either it or latent PalmOS bugs sometimes cause the Saved Preferences db to get lost/mangled resulting in a reset.

    Recent reports from early Cingular 1.17 users have said there is definitely better cache management in that fw which eliminates the need for dbCacheTool and still allows GoodLink, TomTom and apps like RealPlayer/PTunes to run concurrently.

    Yes, GoodLink and TomTom could be considered memory hogs but the combination of those with the Treo650 32M/cache memory limits are really what cause the problem.
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    Any rumors on Sprint update?
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    I hope they release a Sprint update soon with the better cache management. I don't like using dbCacheTool.
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    Ummm, I know there have been no posts, but simply by modifying the download links, you can get v1.13 and v1.17.

    I modified the link to the license agreement post of

    ... changing the 12 to 13 and 17, and it provided the firmware. I have to make the assumption that simply by changing the URL's number that it is providing the correct software. Is it in beta? Oh well, I have the rebooting issue and need to replace it, so gonna flash it anyways!
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    Whoa that is weird. I changed the 1.12 in the url to 1.17 and was able to download "Treo_650_Updater_1_17". Nothing above 1.17 would work though so this seems legit...
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    ** WAIT **

    The 1.17 version on the installer said version 1.17-CDB, which I found reference to in the GSM form (only one reference). Question is are the versions all different for each provider? Meaning the next Sprint update will be something different? Anyone wanna have a look at that link and see if that is meant for the Sprint phone?
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    Oh never mind, that 1.17 version I was able to download seems to be the Cingular 1.17 update even though all I changed in the URL for the Sprint 1.12 udpate was the "2" to a "7".
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    I definitely *would not* make that assumption. If you have a Sprint/CDMA 650 and try to flash the Cingular/GSM 1.13 or 1.17 updates, I'm pretty sure it'll turn your 650 into an expensive shiny brick.

    Definitely don't do it. Wait for the official Sprint update like the rest of us.
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    Yeah, thats what I saw. The v1.13 installer also looked completely different. Figures! Geez.. oh well, time to take this for replacement anyways.
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    Yeah Tom, I was trying to dig deeper in those downloads... personally, I would give those ROM updates better naming conventions! Haha, maybe to mess with us who like to toy with things
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    Agree - I wish they weren't all called "Treo650_Updater_<version>" - it'd be easier to tell them apart.

    So, since you said "take this for replacement anyways" I have to ask - did you flash the 1.13 or 1.17 fw to your Sprint 650? Call it morbid curiosity
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    Hahaha... nah, not after seeing that it was the wrong firmware. However, I am adventurous and if I hadnt payed attention to the installer screen, I just might have made a paperweight!
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    Good to hear it. Didn't think you had based on your post times, but just had to know.
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