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    I have talked to Sprint and they tell me that we can now download tif files after the upgrade.

    I have attempted to do so, and I get an error after the file has just about downloaded - "Can't load target document viewer"

    I've tried resco and AI as viewers and have gotten them to work with other graphic d/ls and have set them as default viewer for tifs (at different times of course). I still get the error.

    Has anyone been successful?
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    It is possible no link definning .tif to your palm application.

    Have you tried to view .tif files from your SD card?

    Set you web browser to go to your local SD card as follows:
    Note the three slashes. The path is optional if the file is in the root directory.

    You could download the tif file to your SD card via the downloader application from PalmGear.

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