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    I have a 650 and have been paying the insurance ($5.00) per month since late last year. Well, my handset speaker is going out and I need to have it repaired or replaced. My question is, what is the best way to complete a quick transaction without long delays or being offered inferior equipment?

    Do I tell them I lost it and be done with it or do I take it in to amy local Sprint store, or what would you suggest?

    Thanks in advance for suggestions shared!
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    If there isnt anything else wrong with your phone..i would suggest just getting it repaired at a Sprint store. If it's just a speaker replacement, it shouldnt take no more than an hour to fix it. If you opt for a replacement, most replacements from lockline are refurbs which do not come directly from Palm. Lockline have their own technicians who fixes em and sends them back out as replacements. I went through 3 bad replacements with lockline.
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    I called ahead and took my 650 in when the store was empty. They replaced my speaker and keypad in about 30 minutes while I went shopping.
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    Yeah take it to the sprint store. Most likely your treo is still under manufacturer's warranty and you won't have to use your insurance at all...
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