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    I got a card from Sprint in the mail recently. They're raising their Lockine rates again (sigh.) This has to be merger related...

    "Attention Sprint PCS Subscriber: As a valued customer, we want you know about changes to Sprint PCS Total Equipment Protection. Current pricing...will remain the same until Jan. 1 2006, when it will increase from $5/month to $6/month. Additionally, there have been some exciting program changes since Sept. 1 2005. The details of these changes are listed below:

    "One of the program names under Sprint Sprint PCS Total Equipment Protection has changed from 'Sprint PCS Enhanced Warranty Program' to the 'Sprint Equipment Service and Repair Program.

    "Now you can have your Sprint PCS phone or smart device serviced or repaired at over 2,100 Sprint Stores or Authorized Service Centers-often with same day service availablity.

    "There is no longer a $10 processing fee for a repair or replacement under the Sprint Equipment Service and Repair Program.

    "The description that appears on your monthly bill has been updated to reflect the program change...the specific description appears has changed from 'Equip Prot $3 Ins. Premium & $2 Enh Wty' to "Equip Prot $3 Ins. Premium & $2 Serv/Rer and will reflect your current pricing."

    "If you would like to change or discontinue your optinal coverage, please contact lockline customer care at 1.800.584.3666...Visit a sprint store or for complete program details."


    I have a bad feeling about this...
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    Mixed bag, I suppose. $1 more per month but $10 less for repair/replacement. I'd personally rather pay less per month, since I don't normally have problems, but oh well. If there's really an improvement in service (on-site and same day), then the extra cost might also be justified, but I'm sure this is just meaningless verbage to make it seem worth the price increase. The funny thing about this announcement are the "exciting changes" which mostly include name changes. Things at Sprint must really be boring for these trivialities to be deemed "exciting."

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