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    HI ALL, I have not been on this site in some time. In fact, I could not remeMber how to open a new thread.

    I just got the TREO 650 FROM SPRINT.

    Does this phone have voice dialing, if so how do I set it up and use it? Also does it work with a BT headset. If I remember correctly you had to push * to use voice command dialing on the Treo 600 with Sprint. Is that the same with the 650? Will the "on" btton on the headset, open voice dialing on the spritn version of the 650. If nto is there softwate to so so? Thanks a million, takke care all, Jay
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    I pay $ 5 a month for the spring voice dial service. It works well with my bluetooth headset. Also has a nifty sync tool which allows you to sync your outlook with the voice dial service. * and dial is still the way you reach the service. The on button on my headset ( a logitech) will not activate that, there may be other headsets or software that works but none that I am aware of.

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