well...i've had my treo 650 for a good 11 months, and now it **** the bed. The headset jack broke, the phone wont sync anymore to the pc (used a new cable too), the phone goes REALLLL slow when switching any applications or trying to make a simple phone call.

i then went to the Sprint store in Hamden, CT and they looked at my treo. after coming back to pick up the phone, they told me to come by on friday to get a refurbished one. Now i'm here waiting for friday! this phone wont stop acting all slow n' such i have 5.5 MB free on this thing and it's madddd slow. Does sprint usually just call up for another treo? i thought they wouldn't cuz i didn't get my phone from sprint or palm directly. the only thing i have is the insurance option which is on my plan so it goes for all phones i activate on my account. On another situation, how else would i be able to get my numbers on my old treo to the new? lol i obviously can't sync but i do have an old back up from last month on the pc. Would i be able to sync that over or no due to the fact that all my programs on this phone wont be able to be used on the new device. thanks for reading my rant!