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    I went to a local store last night to check out the 6700. They had one on display and one in the box. I nearly bought it, but here's why I didn't...

    I purchased my original Treo 600 in December of '03. At that time I got the full $150 credit with a 2 year contract. In January of '05, I was given a Treo 650 as a gift. I did NOT get any kind of discounts or anything added to my line, nor did I purchase it at a discounted price from a Sprint store.

    So technically, my contract should be eligible for upgrade with $150 equipment credit in December '05, right? Wrong. They told me the equipment credit follows the handset - which means while my contract expires in January, I'm only eligible for a $75 credit because I swapped handsets at the beginning of the year.

    Does that sound right? It doesn't to me, so I'll likely be calling Sprint retention. Anyone got their number(s)?
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    since you changed headsets in jan 05 the next time you can get a rebate would be jan 06 or jan 07, even though it was a gift... only exception to this rule is if it's a refurbished phone or sprint had to replace the one you had.
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    Sounds about right, $75 1 year, $150 2 year.
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    Yup, that's what they told me. Doesn't make much sense to me - I didn't recieve a subsidy when I replaced the handset. The only subsidy I recieved was when I first activated the account/contract.

    Seems a little wacky to me - the subsidy should follow the contract, not the handset. But from what I can tell on the Sprint website this is the new policy, for better or worse.
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    Most of what they do, lacks common sense.
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    Glad I waited. I sent an e-mail off to one of my contacts inside Sprint (from a former job I had) and he's going to hook me up with a discount.

    I'll be joining the 6700 ranks next week or two!
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    Maybe a $80 PPC-6700 !
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    Not that good of a deal, but that would have been nice! I'm excited. My iPod just died, so I'll be setting up an Orb system at home to stream all my MP3s to my 6700 over EVDO!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Indicator
    Not that good of a deal, but that would have been nice! I'm excited. My iPod just died, so I'll be setting up an Orb system at home to stream all my MP3s to my 6700 over EVDO!
    You know, you might wanna consider 1) the affects streaming will have on your battery life, and 2) the affect it will have on your ability to receive calls, since in both cases you'll be connected to vision continuously.
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    Yup, I know the risks. I already stream low-bitrate Shoutcast stations with my Treo650. I don't make/take that many calls, and I can't remember the last time I actually missed a 'critical' call as a result of data usage. Moreover, EVDO runs on a different channel than 1XRTT and Voice, so incoming calls will actually interrupt the data stream, allowing me to take the call if I wish. GSM/GPRS users no longer have this as a legitimate argument against CDMA users.

    Battery life is a concern, but only a minor one, given that I have access to charging (via USB) all day at work. So I stream MP3s on the busride in to work, charge the phone in the middle of the day, stream on the way home, and charge again overnight.

    I don't see how battery life will ever be an issue for me, but if it becomes one, I'm happy to get a spare battery, which is also easily chargeable in the cradle.
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    Meh....I'm starting to see that buying phones from 3rd parties is much cheaper than buying directly from sprint even with rebates. I found a great deal on craigslist for 5 treo 650's at $250 a piece. Bought them all, sold/ebayed 3, gave one to friend (at $250), and actually made a $100 profit with a 650 left over for me.

    Bear in mind that when you buy from a retailer, you may end up paying a discounted price (like $320 on the sprint website for the treo 650 after rebates) but you're gonna pay tax on $550, which amounts to ~$50 in some areas. Ask yourself if it's really worth it to pursue an upgrade from sprint.

    Now for obvious reasons this won't work with phones that are barely even out for retail sale, but if they've been on the market for a couple months, you have a good chance of saving money by ebay, craigslist, or one of the FS/FT forums on popular cell phone sites.
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    I have come to the conclusion that $ 150 is not worth basing my phone buying decisions on. Not meaning to sound flippant but I really had to think about it one day on a $ 600 phone its 25% off right? Is there any other gadgets in my life I really wanted that I would only buy if i got a 25% off coupon, probably not.

    I do think the carriers have made the subsidy thing really work in a marketing sense, the buying public has largely come to the point they feel slighted if they do not get one. I will likely upgrade every year, maybe I'll check other sources for the phone like web stores etc., but I am done waiting for the subsidy.
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    That didn't happen to me. I had a phone for a couple of years that had eventually cracked. My husband had purchased a new phone so I used his old one for a few months while I shopped for a new one. When I found one, switching phones a few months before didn't forfeit my 150.00 rebate and was still able to apply it when I signed for another two years. This was a little over a year ago. When I switched to a new phone number, my 75.00 rebate (when I purchased my treo) had dropped but she applied it toward my bill since it looked like I had started new service. You didn't change to a new number and it didn't look like you had had it for two years?

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