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    My sprint voicemail always shows a "1" in the inbox to indicate a voicemail in storage. It does this whether I actually do have 1 voicemail waiting, whether I have none or any other amount. How do I clear this so that I can accurately see if there are voicemails waiting?
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    To clear the voicemail flag...

    Goto Phone app
    Menu->Options->Phone Prefs
    Clear VM Icon

    Leave yourself a voicemail to make sure it works.
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    I think the "1" may indicate that voicemail is assigned to hotkey 1, that is, if you press and hold 1, it dials your voicemail. I odn't think it has anything to do with how many voicemails you have.
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    Is there anywhere to look to see how many you do have?
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    nope, i hate how they just put the voicemail icon in there without telling you how many you actually have. I'll see the voicemail icon n' leave it there for 2 days thinking i only have 1 thing you know...i check it and it says you have 12 new messages lollll
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    Thanks for all the responses. I think everyone is accurate here. The '1' seems to indicate the hotkey and there is no number to indicate how many voicemails you have. Like importsCRX, I am continually pissed because I have one voicemail that I leave in there and have no way of telling that I actually have 3 others in addition to that one. Thanks everyone.

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