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    Though it doesn't seem to be advertised here, Quick Timers is a Nelsun Apps app, right?
    First of all I love the app, especially the ability to set timers with Just Type.
    It seems to be gone from the App Catalog though, it wasn't automatically downloaded after doctoring to 2.2.4 yesterday, and I can't find it, not even on HP's catalog website.
    So, has it been pulled from the catalog? If so, any plans to add it again? Any possibility that I could get the ipk to install it myself?
    I used it practically every day and it would be a loss to me if it wasn't available in any way anymore.


    Edit: I have just now seen in the other thread here that Norf / Nelsun apps is giving up on webOS, which makes me sad. Thanks for having developed some great apps though. Can anything be done about Quick Timers? I'd love to have it again.
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    I'm exactly in the same situation, missing Quick Timers after doctoring my device.

    Is there a way to get Quick Timers back again? Maybe give it to another developer? Or open source it to the community?

    Pleeeeease don't just let it die...
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    I would like to have it back too, especially since I paid for it. Can they perhaps at least provide the ipk file maybe?

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