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    This is the official support thread for our Discography app in the Palm Catalog. If you have any questions, problems or, heaven forbid , a bug to report then this is the place to do it.

    Discography for webOS brings (one of the largest user-maintained online databases of records, artists and record labels on the internet) to you an a quick, detailed and easy to use format. With it you can browse and search through the massive catalog, tapping in to all the detailed info available including: catalog numbers, band members, artist aliases, release dates, label information, release notes, images and more. You can also open items in multiple cards to make comparing items a breeze while viewing them in landscape or portrait modes.

    If you have the Amazon MP3 or Spotify app you can call them up to search for whatever artist, release or track you're looking at. This makes discovering old and new music a very easy... and time consuming... affair once you get in to it.

    Save items for quick access, share links via email or SMS, save an image to your photos or set it as your wallpaper, search for more info in YouTube, Twitter, MySpace, & one user-configurable web site... or even shop for releases in mobile friendly versions of Amazon and eBay. You can even locate record shops near-by when you feel the need to browse.
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    I just bought this app and it's pretty sweet. I am having one issue, though. When I look up Hüsker Dü, it won't let me look at their page. Instead it brings me to the HD page.

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