Aloha community,

i have three problems left with my navit.xml

these are my configurations:

<vehicle profilename="car" follow="2" refresh="1" enabled="yes" active="1" source="socket:" name="Local GPS">

<!-- osds top -->
  <osd enabled="yes" w="5%" x="0" y="0" background_color="#000000c8" type="compass"/>
  <osd w="90%" x="+5%" y="0" enabled="yes" background_color="#000000c8" type="text" label="${navigation.item.street_name} ${navigation.item[1].street_name_systematic}" font_size="430" align="15"/>
  <osd w="5%" x="95%" y="0" h="5%" enabled="yes" background_color="#000000c8" type="gps_status" font_size="300" align="0"/>
<osd w="5%" x="95%" y="+5%" enabled="yes" background_color="#000000c8" type="text" label="${vehicle.position_sats_used}/${vehicle.position_qual}" font_size="200" align="15"/>
<!-- osds down -->

  <osd w="30%" x="0" y="90%" h="5%" enabled="yes" background_color="#000000c8" type="text" label="ETA:${navigation.item.destination_time[arrival]}" font_size="500" align="4"/>
  <osd w="30%" x="70%" y="90%" h="5%" enabled="yes" background_color="#000000c8" type="text" label="TL:${navigation.item.destination_time[remaining]}" font_size="500" align="4"/>

  <osd w="30%" x="0" y="95%" h="5%" enabled="yes" background_color="#000000c8" type="text" label="Dist:${navigation.item.destination_length[named]}" font_size="500" align="4"/>
  <osd w="30%" x="70%" y="95%" h="5%" enabled="yes" background_color="#000000c8" type="text" label="${vehicle.position_speed} / ${tracking.item.route_speed}" font_size="500" align="4"/>

  <osd w="40%" x="+30%" y="95%" h="5%" enabled="yes" background_color="#000000c8" type="text" label="${navigation.item[1].length[named]}" font_size="500" align="0"/>
  <osd w="40%" x="+30%" y="65%" h="30%" enabled="yes"  type="navigation_next_turn" align="15"/>
  <osd x="5" y="475" enabled="no" command="zoom_in()" type="button" src="gui_zoom_in.svg"/>
  <osd x="-53" y="475" enabled="no" command="zoom_out()" type="button" src="gui_zoom_out.svg"/>

<!-- osds left -->

<osd enabled="yes" type="button" x="0"  y="200"  command="gui.abort_navigation()" src="/home/arne/working/navit/navit/xpm/gui_stop_64_64.png" />

<osd enabled="yes" type="button" x="0"  y="400"  command="" src="/home/arne/working/navit/navit/xpm/gui_menu_64_64.png" />

<osd enabled="yes" type="button" x="0"  y="300"  command="" src="/home/arne/working/navit/navit/xpm/nav_destination_bk.png" />

<osd enabled="yes" type="button" x="0"  y="500"  command="!" src="/home/arne/working/navit/navit/xpm/gui_sound_64_64.png" />

which settings do i need to have the map centered at my vehicle position? right now it looks like this:


when i have no gps connection the osds go wild, ooking like this:

is there some way to prevent this?


when i try to align the buttons with percentage values instead of pixels like i do with all the other osds they are positioned in the upper left corner, no matter what values i set. any way to fix this?

I hope you guys can help me!