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    l have Navit installed on both my pre 3 and touchpad. Use external bluetooth reciever on touchpad, internal on pre3. When trying to use on touch pad, it locates an starts to run fine, but after a few miles, it appears to slow down an does not keep up with actual position that I am at. It continues to fall farther behind, the longer I drive . This does not happen with the pre3. Any suggestions as how to correct this?
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    Faced the same problem, here is what I found (based on source code):
    • external BT receiver data stream is managed by a dedicated NMEA parser that creates SDL events
    • parser mainly triggers on 2 specific lines: position and heading (every second)
    • this creates 2 SDL events => 2 full redraw per second
    • Touchpad is not able to perform 2 redraws / second
    • events are being stored in a queue, but processed (much) later, thus creating the (increasing) drift you see

    When using its internal receiver, the Pre3 only generates 1 event per second, with half the number of pixels to deal with (so a total scale factor of 4 compared to Touchpad), which explains the (increasing) drift we see when comparing Pre2/Pre3 with Touchpad.
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    Navit for webOS is now being maintained by 72ka

    Do you think it is possible to combine position and heading into one re-draw request? Or alternate each variable per second / redraw?

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