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    Yes, absolutely agree. Ive contacted Noradtux and he said, that he is on the dark side (Android) and I can maintain Navit for webOS. So Im still testing my latest release. Then I have to get all my changes and make a patches and pull them to webosinternals... I dont want just to fork from origin, I want to continue under the webosinternals name.
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    I installed new version of navit and lost my mph. Been so long since I changed, can't remember how to change and can't find method by searching forum. Help please..
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    Firstly, this is the old thread. The new one is here:

    For mph, you need to open navit.xml in Internalz Pro or similar or on you computer via USB. It's in appdata/org.webosinternals.navit/
    You need to find the variable, "imperial" and set it to "1"
    The wiki section is here: Configuration/Full list of options - Navit's Wiki
    (tag, 'navit', Attribute, 'imperial')

    EDIT: you reminded me to set the adjustment on my other phone & it appears the variable is not included by default.

    I checked my old setup & added it to the section that looks like this:
    <navit center="0x10b6f5 0x6c435d" zoom="64" tracking="1" pitch="12" orientation="-1" recent_dest="10" autozoom_active="1" osd_configuration="1" imperial="1">

    I saved it, ejected from USB mode and started navit. the speedometer now reads 0.0mph. It's a litte bit of a faff to set this, but mostly it will be a one-time thing, although in these days of international travel perhaps a toggle in the Ui would be useful.
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    The file is not active , please tell me where it can download.
    Thank you.
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    Have a look at and follow the link to the FTP site. Navit is under org.webosinternals.navit. You can use ctrl F to find navit which should be quicker than scrolling!
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    Latest release:!s1za7fLrC/or...5760-armv7-ipk

    Further updates are supposed to appear in the webOS internals feed in the future - which will obviously make updates much easier, but for now the developer is concentrating on family.
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