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    Hi all,

    I've been playing with a simple OSD with larger fonts/more information, no overlay graphics. Right now it's optimized for Pre 3 (480x800) portrait. It works in landscape too, but it's difficult to make things look nice in both directions.

    Just unarchive to /media/internal/appdata/org.webosinternals.navit/osds.

    Then edit navit.xml to use it (comment out all the others):
    <xi:include href="$NAVIT_USER_DATADIR/osds/pre3_simple/osd.xml"/>

    If there's enough interest I'll continue sharing updates.

    - uses only the stock graphics for buttons (not really a feature, I'm just not much of an artist :-)
    - Total distance, Time remaining, Arrival time to destination
    - Zoom buttons, in/out
    - 2d/3d display toggle
    - Speed Warner
    - Map Scale indicator
    - Next turn, distance, street name. Also 2 street names down (navit blanks out on most exit ramps for me)
    - Current street name
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    New version:
    - Added road name 2 turns down. Navit, for me at least, blanks out on exit ramps being the next 'road'. This is an inelegant way around this. Unfortunately there is no way that I know of to put logic in the xml to use road two if road one is blank.
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    Thanks, I have only just found this layout and not tested it in anger yet but so far I really like it.

    Keep up the good work
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