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    Is there a way to configure speech dispatcher to always output through the phone's speaker, even when connected to A2DP on bluetooth? I'd like the output from Navit to always be on the phone speaker since I pair to bluetooth while in the car effectively muting it if I am listening to the radio vs. streaming from the phone (pretty much always).
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    Not sure what the answer is as I do not mind my Bluetooth unit giving me directions for NAVIT. Its louder.
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    Quote Originally Posted by PreRunr View Post
    Not sure what the answer is as I do not mind my Bluetooth unit giving me directions for NAVIT. Its louder.
    I use bluetooth over the car radio. If the audio source is not bluetooth, but rather listening to the radio, I'm obviously not going to get the audio that the phone is sending there rather than over its own speaker. I thought I explained that in the original post, but maybe not.
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    Quote Originally Posted by HaPe View Post
    Exactly what I was looking for. Thanks!
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    This came from the Google Maps Homebrew App thread:

    Quote Originally Posted by HaPe View Post
    I know that you have asked and I would have corrected my answer there as soon as the new version is available. I only made the pre announcement about the new speech service here as there was an actual talk about Text to speech possibilities. ( Remake: I also will post a patch to speak the name of the incoming caller )
    Hey, that'll be cool! But I wonder how funny my contact's names will sound with the standard speech dispatcher voice.

    We should discuss this in the Navit thread.
    ...and so here we are! I picked this one because it's the only one I found about speech.

    But I guess that not all guiding text in Navit have a Spanish translation and for that it falls back to English. Navit only sends the Text and the information that the user has selected the Spanish UI.
    Then, I'd like Navit not to attempt using spanish (in my case). The funny thing is that you can hear mixed things such as "turn right in trescientos meters". That "trescientos" is "three hundred". Can that give you a hint on what's going on?

    I'd like to experiment a bit with the speech dispatcher, a simple testing app would be great. I don't know how you tell the speech engine in which language texts come in, Could you point me to some configuration file?
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