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    Hi there,

    on my pre3 (but I think on the veer and tp too) the options I changed are not saved.

    this is some annoying on things like 3d/2d (I prefer 2d)

    and it is a big problem with installed maps.
    So far, only on the first activated map streets are searched. This ain't nice but acceptable.

    the result is, without a PC (okay or wterm) I cannot de/active a map so I have a street search available in the new map. When I travel abroad, I cannot switch the map, but at the same time I dont want to use the googlemap feature. This would cause data roaming fees, which are pretty high and kills the cool feature of an offboard navigation.

    Anybody might lok at the problem with the non-saved options?

    The problem is referring to this thread:
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    Did you read Application:Navit - WebOS Internals
    The navit.xml file can be edited once to include all the maps you would like. I have Australia, France, germany, hawaii available for street search. By default you only have one map so you need to make a one-time edit to include more. You can switch maps off and on with one press in the maps screen. You can change 3d to 2d by one press. But I agree you cannot keep these settings for next time. So choose what you want and edit navit.xml.

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