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    What is the format of the bookmarks file?
    I tried to follow this, from WebOs Internals Application:Navit - WebOS Internals but it did not work.
    1) Remove all maps except the one that includes the locations you plan to use later. (if you fully understand how maps work in NAVIT this step is not necessary of course but for first timers it makes things simple to diagnose if you have troubles doing these steps.)

    2) Open bookmarks.txt ===== To do the edit go to USB mode, open R:\appdata\org.webosinternals.navit\bookmark.txt with any text editor you like (replace R: with your Drive Letter)

    3) add a new line

    mg: longitude latitude type=bookmark label="Location 1"

    Format is longitude and latitude, both in DD.ddd coordinates. For example Honolulu Stadium is -157.829 21.295, note the need for "-" for W longitude and "-" for S latitude. DD.ddd can have more d's added.

    4) save bookmarks.txt

    5) Start navit and navigate via bookmarks to "Location 1"

    6) If you want to go from place to place just add more bookmarks, suggest arrange them inside a new folder called "My Trip".
    My first entry looks like this:
    mg:-0x111111 0x111111 type=bookmark label="Work" path="Work"
    Where 0x111111 are two hexadecimal numbers (they seem to be).

    What is the "path" command here? what is the root of that path? What is stored at "Work" ?
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    Have you tried using the bookmarks, that should answer your questions. These are just labels used in navigation of the bookmarks. When you create folders in the bookmark you end up with path like "foldername/name" instead of just "name: like your "Work".

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