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    I have Navit installed, and working successfully, but address entry is nearly impossible without States.

    It appears that the Navit-Maps app was designed to (in part) solve this problem, but without "Just Type" on 1.4.5, it doesn't appear to give me the ability to use it for address entry.

    Am I missing something, or is there another trick that I need to correctly enter addresses in the US?

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    The more states/provinces the worse it gets. Unfortunately I don't have a 1.4.5 phone left, why didn't you upgrade it to 2.x. My memory from my Pre- (which did run 2.1) is that Just Type occurs when you just start typing. Do that with any symbol. Then stop do not press enter. Is there a menu on the top LHS if so then the instructions on how to ADD Navit as a menu item should be used. I don't know if it works as I cannot test it. Then you can enter full addresses and NAVIT will give you a list, choose the right one and off you go.
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    Webos 1.45 do not support just type. You are right, the google address search will not be possible in WebOS 1.45. You need to upgrade to a 2.x use this feature.


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