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    Are Navit Planet Extractor files always 52MB? (Navit :: Planet Extractor)
    I Extracted the file for Panama, the whole country. It is 52MB.

    Given the fact that I usually stick to it's main city, Panama City, I decided it was a good idea to extract just a portion of the map centered about Panama City. When I tried to extract it, Planet Extractor said again: 52 MB.

    Is it right? Is there any way to compress this files?

    I am using a Pre 3 16GB . I do not think I will run out of space anytime soon, but nevertheless it feels kind of wasteful.

    Does it impact Nav-it having to work with such large files?

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    The files do mot always have 52MB. The can have different size depending on the size you select and the number of routs that are in that area.
    The map files are already compressed.


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