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    I just picked up the BlackBerry on eBay yesterday, so I won't be able to ship out the Treo until after I'm all set with the BlackBerry. I'm also willing to give you the ESN *after* I've set up the BlackBerry; nonetheless, my account is clean. What I'm selling:

    - Treo 650 with original Box, manuals, etc.: $500 value
    - Boxwave ClearTouch AntiGlare screen protector (already installed): $10 value
    - Smartphone Experts S650 Skin Case (from $20 value
    - Palm (original OEM) 3-pack pen styli: $15 value

    For full disclosure, the right shift key (which has no secondary function) does not function, and the original stylus is missing. Very minor and non-noticable scratch on antenna; very minor and barely-noticable paint peeling around camera lens and ringer switch.

    I'm currently in New York on travel and will make sure that I have all of the items once I return to San Francisco on Wednesday. Feel free to let me know if you're interested and would like to negotiate.

    Please let me know of your best offer for all of these items (sold as a bundle); payment through PayPal. (This is also being advertised on treocentral, sprintusers and blackberryforums.)
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